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CompaxDigital Holding Acquires i-new Unified Mobile Solution

CompaxDigital‘s acquisition of i-new will focus on tapping into new and global growth markets, to continuously expand the product portfolio and sustainably increase the workforce.

Effective January 1, 2024, mobile communications specialist i-new Unified Mobile Solution has been acquired by CompaxDigital, a leading provider of BSS software. The partnership between the two Austrian companies is led by Leopold Kojeder, CEO, co-founder, and owner of CompaxDigital; Frank von Seth, CEO of i-new; and Deniz Beskök, COO of i-new.

The acquisition will focus on tapping into new and global growth markets, with the aim to continuously expand the product portfolio and sustainably increase the workforce. The combined software, technological, and market expertise and partners and customers of both companies will pave the way for Compax’s next stage of development. As a result of the merger, CompaxDigital will have more than 730 employees at international locations in 21 countries.

“MVNO in a Box” Growth Vehicle for Mobile Communications Market

Under the leadership of new management and strengthened by a powerful company, i-new is driving forward its growth course in a targeted manner and with a clearly defined concept: “MVNO in a Box”— software, IT services, and domain expertise for modern mobile network operators worldwide.

Over the past four months, Frank von Seth has worked with CompaxDigital as an expert in business development and internationalization for the IT company.

His appointment to the new position at i-new also closes a personal career circle: i-new was previously part of cyan AG, which Frank von Seth led as former CEO for the past three years.

Like CompaxDigital’s existing solutions for the mobile communications market, MVNO in a Box is an easy, fast and agile solution, helping mobile operators unlock their digital potential.

Leopold Kojeder: Together Increasing our Standing as a Global Player

“The acquisition of i-new is a perfect fi t in our overall strategy to increase our standing as a global player in BSS/OSS. We can combine our agile and well-established AAX4 software with the market reach and service-oriented approach of i-new. Together and with more than 30 years’ experience both companies will be a stalwart partner in a complex world,” says Leopold Kojeder, CEO of CompaxDigital Holding.

Frank von Seth, CEO, of i-new, comments, “The partnership between i-new and Compax brings two ideally suited companies into a joint organization. We are looking forward to the coming months with much excitement.”

“Companies of all sizes in different industries realize every day how much they need innovative solutions. We want to be the best partner for this need,” comments, i-new COO, Deniz Beskök.

January 17, 2024


OSS/BSS redesigned:
digital, lightweight, flexible

MVNOs & telecom operators need a platform solution that is highly adaptable to the market demands and provides flexibility to satisfy their customers needs.

Leverage our 5G opportunities, launch a B-Brand, digitize your operations, or connect the unconnected – the possibilities are endless.

Going with the latest Techology

Leverage 5G Opportunities

Take advantage of i-new’s 5G ready, seamless BSS/OSS/MVNE state of the art platform.

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Utilize i-new’s fully managed service for lean operations. Bring mobile services to diverse population facilitating our international service hubs

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Offer agile and fully digital products with minimal operational effort, with consulting and implementation services directly from i-new.


Make our strength your advantage

Everything is possible when you have a reliable partner for OSS/BSS and MVNE. As one of the fastest growing tech solution providers in the mobile communication industry, i-new is focused on areas beyond mobile.

With our unique solutions you can gradually extend your MVNO/brand capabilities, propositions and user experience at your own pace. Leverage our 5G opportunities, launch a B-Brand, digitize your operations, or connect the unconnected – the possibilities are endless.

We break down the barriers of the telecom world and open them to the daily habits of subscribers. Start your future today by taking advantage of what we have to offer.


i-new’s innovative solution offers:

Agile implementation

Our end-to-end, out-of-the-box solution is ready to be deployed in record time. Enjoy a 40% shorter delivery time (compared to other options).

Full in-house development

Our tech-team carries out the integration, deployment, and maintenance of your fully digital platform.

Complete independence

Empowering your MVNO or brand to gain the competitive advantages required to succeed in the market, independent from the host MNO.

Fastest time-to-market

We help you bringing your initial idea to a ready to launch product in one of the shortest times in the market.

Proven experience at scale

Benefit from our proven track record and experience of enabling MVNOs and brands across the world and our in-depth understanding of national regulatory requirements.

Unconditional commitment

The long-term, measurable success of your MVNE, MVNO and brand business will always be our top priority.


A trusted and proven partner

We support the most ambitious, industry-leading clients around the globe. i-new is a leader in providing highly competitive mobile solutions while avoiding ineffective, inflexible, complex or over-engineered experiments.


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i-new enables the largest and most successful MVNOs

We provide independence for the MVNO/Brand from the host MNO allowing them to gain the required competitive advantages to succeed in the market. Delivering the best-in-class enablement technology and services, customers can rely on our End2End “out-of-the-box” solution to achieve fastest time-to-market.

About us

i-new was founded with the success of our partner MVNOs in mind. Our guiding principles aid our technology design and benefit our partners day-to-day.

With an international team of highly skilled and experienced people who are passionate for our BSS/OSS/MVNE platform business, we are globally present and ensure satisfaction on all levels for our clients and partners.